About us

National Hyperbarics and Rehabilitation Research Centre, is a Unit of Quality life Care Pvt. Ltd est. in 2009 for providing healthcare services. Owing to its commitment for quality healthcare, it has ventured into Hyperbaric healthcare services. Ours is the only standalone centre in India, with hard shelled multi-place chamber, under qualified medical supervision. Our state of art chamber is also first
chamber in Rajasthan.

Dr. Himanshu Agarwal, MBBS, MD is the Medical Director and also founder of National Hyperbarics and Rehabilitation Research Centre.

A hard shelled multi-place chamber is ideal for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (same chambers are used by navy / corporate hospitals). Patients do not any experience anxiety in confined spaces or claustrophobia. In the 10′ X 9′ chamber, you can read magazines, watch TV, listen to music or chat with other patients. The large space enables you to stand, sit or lie down easily within the chamber. Our state of art chamber can accommodate 6 sitting or 2 lying patients in single session, along with a medical Person.

During treatment, a nursing staff / technical assistant is always present in the chamber with you –all the time. An intercom phone allows two-way conversations, while a video monitor allows us to watch you closely during your entire treatment. At all times during hyperbaric therapy, you will always be in control and monitored.

100 % medical grade Oxygen is delivered by nasal masks or oxygen hood. While essentially painless, patients may experience pressure discomfort in the ears initially at the start of pressurization of chamber. It is similar to going downhill or during air travel. A parent can accompany a young child in the HBOT chamber.