How HBOT Works

Hyperbaric Oxygen acts in following ways :-

HBOT uses 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber at 1.4 atm or greater, creating up to a 20-fold increase in oxygen delivery to cells. The key to the effects of hyperbaric oxygen is that it increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in plasma, which has several advantages for patients:

  1. Oxygen Delivery: Oxygen dissolved in plasma can be delivered to cells independently of oxygen dissociation factors.
  2. By increasing Oxygen delivery eliminates Vasoconstriction, it reduces the edema in normal tissues
  3. Oxygen Perfusion: dissolved oxygen allows for oxygen to be delivered to the microvasculature where red blood cells could not due to poor vasculature – diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disorders
  4. Compromised perfusion states: maintains and improves O2 traumatic brain injury, stroke, CHF
  5. Circulation: HBOT increases peripheral vascular dilation through nitric oxide production
  6. Blood rheology, improving oxygenation in the face of thrombo-emboic phenomenon
  7. Altered RBC distensibility, making it useful for sickle cell anemia.
  8. Stimulates and increases Immunity: Improves oxidative burst capacity, improving native anti-microbial function, particularly in chronic infections and acute and aggressive infections (Necrotizing infections)
  9. Effects Stem Cells: Increases and mobilizes stem cell production through nitric oxide production
  10. It potentiates antibiotic effects of medication.
  11. Cancer: Improves natural killer cell activity against cancer cells
  12. Potentiates oxidative effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy on cancer cells.
  13. Improves quality of life and ameliorates side effects of radiotherapy in cancer patients
  14. Wound Healing: Improves fibroblast production, angio-neo-genesis / neo vascularisation.
  15. Sports Injuries: HBOT improves muscle recovery and reduces healing time
  16. Neuro-Degenerative disorders: Improves ATP production in mitochondria which improves degenerative disorders: Autism, Alzheimer’s, Muscular dystrophies
  17. Increases neuro-plasticity: faster brain injury healing –faster rehabilitation of cerebral trauma /post operative patients.
  18. Reduces the half-life of Carboxyhaemoglobin by 4-5 times and life saving for Carbon Monoxide (CO) and smoke poisoning by inhalation- Fire hazard and burns patients.


How HBOT works: It’s Just Oxygen! In hyperbaric condition, its concentration is increased to 20 times in blood plasma. HBOT super-saturates human tissues and fluids with oxygen and up-regulates to growth and repair processes.